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There's already submission and dominance, so why not some bondage thrown in there too? A few encounters could have some bondage elements thrown in their encounters. Just a few enemies with a bondage/BDSM theme would make me pretty happy, and maybe some others too. What do you all think?
I absolutely support this, and it is in the plans. I tend to go for a scenes-are-possible with everyone approach, so as long as it makes sense you can tie up/be tied up by your favourite character or race.

I am not done designing this aspect though, so exactly how the mechanics work is not set in stone. Feel free to mention aspects of it that you like, and I'll do my best to include as many nuances as are realistically achievable. The more things I take into account at when I start, the better the mechanics will be.
I may have mentioned it in passing, but I've started some work on a trap door drider character. When finished, this will bring drider variations to scenes wherever that applies. Also it will include restraining partners using the webbing. The drider you meet will wrap you up and fuck you, but you can also get drider legs yourself and wrap up others and fuck them.

Just thought I'd mention that here. Smile

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