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Scene Checks
I know this game is new; it probably seems like a lot on your plate, and you know all this stuff already, but you'll want to go through all these scenes to make sure they make sense:

suddenly finding a spare crate to lay your partner(s) against in the desert,on the frozen tundra,in the marshes, or on a lava field, seems kind of awkward.

Some of the female scenes have a "you lay her on her side in the grass" or "the sounds of your mating echo through the forest" but when you are on a desert planet, or in the frozen tundra, it sounds weird.

You could put a {location check} and have a little bit of a change to make it sound less odd.
such as:
You lay her on her side (in the sand,in the swampy soil, in the snow ) and so on.

The sounds of your mating echoes {across the dunes, through the marsh,across the frozen tundra} or whatever.
When there is new release, start a new topic should this only be applied to x.x releases or also x.x.x?. In later case x.x.x release information, bugs, after talk would go under topic x.x release.

Can we have Changelog that lists the changes. Changelog should be cumulative. It should be included with the source file: Changelog.

Can we setup list of things that need to be tested with a new release... people would report what they have tested? It might be hard to produce such a list. Do we need new tools for this? eg. Wiki?

For the sake of quality - we need more playtesting.

- Miyo

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